Matija's Resume (CV)                           MATIJA TOMASKOVIC

                          My picture, 2004.
Personal information:
    Name:          Matija Tomaskovic
    Age, gender:   30, male
    Home address:  Ludbreska 1A, 42000 Varazdin, Croatia
    Home tel.:     +385 (0)42 206160
    GSM:           +385 (0)91 5111933
    E-mail: ||

    A challenging contractor or full-time position as Software Engineer
    that includes software design and development of internet
    and multimedia based multi-tier systems with
    Java, SQL, XML & XSL, C/C++ and related technologies.

    10 years of professional experience, total 13 years in programming.
    Strong developer and design skills based on academic background
    in information systems design and practical experience with
    wide range of technologies.
    Very extensive practical background in software development
    includes low level programming (system and multimedia),
    information systems design and implementation (two and three
    tier - internet/business/banking/publishing),
    system integration and administration work.
    Team experience both as member and manager of a team.
    Speak English, German, Croatian,
    Winner of several student awards.

      Master of Science in Information Systems
      Bachelor of Science in Information Systems (Computer Science)
      Faculty of Organization and Informatics Varazdin
      Gymnasium Varazdin

Winners and awards:
    2nd place at FOI Student's software show '99
        (with SuperKopierer - see below)

    3rd place at FOI Student's software show '98
        (with Super Easy Media - see below)

    1st place at FOI Student's software show '97
        (with Optical player - see below)

    Rectors award of University of Zagreb '97
        (Opt. player + academic paper: Digital sound
        reproduction on PC computers)

    1st place at FOI Student's software show '96
        (with Bluppo - see below)

    2nd place at "World of multimedia", INFO'96, Zagreb (Bluppo)

    "Best 500" national student award '95.

Working experience - Jobs:

    Company: Evolva, Varazdin, Croatia
             March 2003. - current
             CTO, Software engineer, full-time
    Jobs: Chief Technical Officer
          Server programming - Java, JDBC, JNI, C, C++, XML, Oracle.
          E-commerce - Java Servlets, RMI, JDBC, XML, XSL, HTML.
          Application developer (Visual C++, XML, XSL, Java Swing).

    Company: Quark Solutions, Zagreb-Croatia/Muenchen-Germany
             March 2000. - Jan 2003.
             Software engineer, full-time
             (from Jan-2002 full-time telework)
    Jobs: Server programming - Java, JDBC, JNI, C, C++, XML, Oracle.
          E-commerce - Java Servlets, RMI, JDBC, XML, XSL, HTML.
          Application developer (Visual C++, XML, XSL, Java Swing).

    Company: Varazdinska banka d.d., Varazdin, Croatia
             October 1998. - March 2000.
             Part-time job (with full-time hours in
                            Department of Informatics)
    Jobs: Internet Banking developer, Banking self-service
          systems programmer - Prolifics, SQL (Oracle7),
          HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, VBA.
          Programmer of Information Systems (entry forms,
          reports, calculate jobs - Prolifics, SQL,
          PL/SQL, VBA).
          Web Information Systems designer and developer.

    Company: Visual-Design GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany
             October 1998. - March 2000 (night shift ;-)
             Telework (home/e-mail).
    Jobs: Program developer (designer and programmer).
          Visual C++. See "SuperKopierer" program below.

    Company: Poslovni Centar Varazdin, Varazdin, Croatia
             January 1998. - October 1998.
             Part-time job.
    Jobs: Technical assistant - system configuring
          (hardware & OS),
          Visual C++ programmer (development of multimedia software),
          Graphic Designer, Web designer (HTML, JavaScript, graphics)
          Information System designer and developer
          (Clarion for Win),

    Company: Webfoot Technologies Inc., Illinois, USA
             March 1996. - April 1997.
             Telework (home/e-mail).
    Jobs: Game designer and programmer. (see "Bluppo").

Working experience - Software applications:

    MOJA.Bastina - 2006. - Evolva
    Web portal for family trees. Runtime PDF book generator, runtime
    PDF poster generator. Credit card payment.
    Additional admin application.
    Based on EPIS platform - Java, SQL database, flash.

    ScannerApplet - 2006. - Evolva
    Java applet to scan image on scanner via TWAIN driver and to
    send scanned image to web server. Support for duplex scanner
    and multi-page scanning.
    Java, Applet, JNI, TWAIN, HTTP.

    VTV IS - EPIS.MIS - 2005. - Evolva
    Web based marketing/TV information system for regional
    television house. TV program planning and web publishing,
    DMS (document management system - checkin/checkout) for documents.
    Integration with system to play video materials automatically.
    Based on EPIS platform - Java, SQL database, applets, DMS.

    eKrediti - 2006. - Evolva
    Demo web application based on Webtop and Documentum to support
    loan management in bank - made for PBZ - Privredna banka Zagreb.
    Java, WebTop, Documentum, Oracle.

    MobileMedia/Locomoby - 2005. - Evolva
    Web portal for buying content for mobile devices - ringing tones,
    backgrounds, screensavers, java games.
    Integration with payment system and external content provider.
    Additional admin application.
    Based on EPIS platform - Java, MySQL, SMS, WAP, MIDI2MP3.

    Konzola - 2004. - Evolva
    Java RMI application to monitor different applications in bank.
    Made for PBZ - Privredna banka Zagreb.
    Java, RMI, XML.

    eBoard - 2004. - Evolva
    Web application based on Webtop and Documentum to support
    top-level management board in PBZ - Privredna banka Zagreb.
    Java, WebTop, Documentum, Oracle.

    Medira - 2004. - Evolva
    Java swing application to process invoices of doctors and to
    save them on floppy disk in structured format as defined by HZZO.
    Java swing, MySQL.

    EPIS modules - 2003.-2006. - Evolva
    More than 470 modules (screens, sync modules, PDF reports)
    for use as ERP system, finance/book-keeping, SMS/WAP systems.
    140.000 lines of code.

    EPIS platform - 2003.-2006. - Evolva
    Huge platform for rapid web application development.
    80.000 lines of code - Java, XML, XSL, Oracle, MySQL...
    Dozens of client/server web mechanisms solved.

    Vincentz - ContentServer - 2003. - Quark Solutions
    Fixing existing applications and adding new features to
    web application for on-line trading of newspaper articles
    and to DMS XTension for exporting articles from DMS.
    Java Servlets, XML, XSL, Oracle, Corba, Ghostscript, JAI.

    Medira - 2003. - Evolva
    Java GUI application used by doctors to send medicine bills
    to national health-insurance agency.
    Java Swing, MySQL.

    Fima-Web-PIS - 2003. - Fima
    Web application for on-line stock trading used by bank-clients.
    Java Servlets, JDCB, XML, XSL, HTML, JavaScript, Oracle.

    Fima-Web-BIH - 2003. - Fima
    Web application for on-line stock trading in BIH.
    Java Servlets, JDCB, XML, XSL, HTML, JavaScript, Oracle.

    TeVe - 2003. - Evolva for VTV
    Java GUI application to support production in TV house.
    Java Swing, MySQL.

    VTV web portal - 2003. - Evolva for VTV
    Web application to display and news and questionaries on a web
    of TV house. Includes web-administration application.
    HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL.

    Fima PIS Mailer - 2003. - Fima
    Java Swing application to send e-mails from database.
    Java Swing, JDBC, Oracle.

    Cyber-Traders - 2003. - Fima
    Web application for on-line stock trading.
    One version for real trading, other is made as simulation
    of trading, as a game:
    Java Servlets, JDCB, XML, XSL, HTML, JavaScript, Oracle.

    ProductionServer Archiving - 2003 - Quark Solutions.
    ProductionServer extension to archive/restore filesystem data
    to/from DAT device.
    Java, Oracle.

    TJADConsole - 2003 - Evolva.
    SQL database explorer (advanced version of Oracle's SQLPlus).
    Java, console, JDBC.

    ProductionServer & StatusHandler - 2002 - Quark Solutions.
    Complete support of existing in-house Java ProductionServer using
    Oracle database - refactoring, adding new features, documenting.
    Total 3 MB of source code.
    Java, JDBC, XML, XSL, JNI, JAI, Oracle.

    AppConsole, XMLCJavaMigration - 2002 - Quark Solutions.
    Java applications that prepare export of data for 3rd party
    Page Planning software, and migrate XML data to new format
    using huge templates (XSL and XML files).
    Java, JDBC, XML, XSL.

    as400DataSync, as400ImportQueue - 2002 - Quark Solutions.
    Replication extensions to in-house ProductionServer supporting
    replication of as400-booked ads across the systems.
    Java, JDBC.

    QS Database Replication and Appdriver Replication  -
    2002 - Quark Solutions.
    In-house database replication mechanism implemented on top of Oracle
    database, using PL/SQL triggers. Java Swing administration application
    was developed to support installation and administration of this
    mechanism. 10.500 lines of Java code.
    Java, JDBC, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, Triggers.

    PS2ISMAM Interface - 2002 - Quark Solutions.
    Improvement and redesign of existing Java PS2ISMAM Interface -
    bi-directional interface between SAP IS-M/AM system and in-house
    Java, JNI, JDBC. 4.130 lines of Java code.

    World3dModeler - Aug. 2001 - My World 3D modeling tool.
    VisualC++, OpenGL. 60 classes, 14.000 lines of code.

    WebSecTech - 2001. - Web Security Technology application
    using applet to scan source web form to grab data, crypt it via
    local smart card and send it through proxy java servlet (checking
    if certified client) to actual target of form. Netscape and
    IE versions.
    Javascript, Java applet, J/Direct, JNI, Win32 DLL,
    SmartCard (Cryptoki), Java servlets, RMI.

    Interad web client - 2000. - Quark Solutions.
    Web application displaying ads, reused for several clients.
    Java servlets, XML, XSL, Oracle. Team of three developers.

    AppDriverGUI - 2000. - Quark Solutions.
    Fancy java applet to be monitor of in-house java application server.
    Lots of 2D effects (fade in/out, transparency). Java 2D.

    AppDriverGUITestClient - 2000. - Quark Solutions.
    Test client of in-house java application server.
    Java Swing, RMI, XML, XSL.

    XMLCopyFit - 2000. - Quark Solutions.
    Redesigning VC++ XML editor application to use XSL templates for
    conversion of XML data, and conversion back to template XML forms.
    Later, connecting it to in-house Java application server.
    VisualC++, Java Beans Bridge for ActiveX. Team of two developers.

    WebCopyFit - 2000. - Quark Solutions.
    Fancy XML editor application. Java swing, XML, XSL.

    PSClient - 2000. - Quark Solutions.
    Java client applications to view asset data (publishing industry)
    in in-house java application server. Java Swing, RMI, XML.

    MapSelector - 2000. - Quark Solutions.
    Java applet based on AppDriverGUI engine (check above) displaying map
    and able to scroll it, picking target.
    Java applet, Java 2D.

    URLTester - 2000. - Quark Solutions.
    Java application for performance testing of some URL response.
    Java swing, HTTP.

    TJAD - Aug. 2000 - Tool for JDBC Application Developers,
    SQL database explorer (advanced Oracle's SQL Worksheet).
    Java, Swing, JDBC.

    Web Grada Varaždina - Jul. 2000 - My final work for
    Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems.
    Check it:
    Java Servlets, JDBC, XML & XSL, Oracle, DHTML.

    Coral - Jan. 2000 - My java applet arcade game.
    (more then 40.000 visits!)

    Virty Chat - Aug. 1999, My chat with 'virtual' users.

    VabaODS - Jul. 1999, "Online Documentation System"
    developed in/for Varazdinska banka. Web-based database
    application (transactions and data manipulation with
    advanced search options).
    Three-tire. JavaScript, HTML+DHTML, Prolifics, Oracle8.

    Super Farb-Kopierer - 1998/1999., paper-copy
    (scanning & printing) program with advanced scanning
    and graphic features,
    VisualC++ (MFC), 25.000 lines of code.

    Internet banking - 1998/1999., project I did in team
    (I did programming part in Prolifics, JavaScript and HTML),
    in "Varazdinska banka d.d." (

    Barok - 1999., (shop) database application,
    Clarion4 for Windows (used in "Barok d.o.o.,  Varazdin").

    Devil & Ass - 1998., small JavaScript on-line game.

    FOIS - 1998., information system for my university,
    Clarion for Windows 2.0.

    Auto salon - 1998, auto-shop database application,
    Win95, Clarion for Windows 2.0 (80 forms, 20
    reports), (published by "Poslovni Centar Varazdin
    d.o.o." (

    Basket - 1998., small DirectX (basketball
    one-on-one) game.
    Visual C++, DirectDraw, DirectSound, assembler.

    AloHalo - 1998., phone dialer, win95,
    Visual C++, MFC, TAPI

    Syndroma - 1998., small expert system, Win95,
    VisualC++, MFC

    Super Easy Media - 1998, engine for my 'Macromedia
    Director' (not finished), Win95, VisualC++, native
    Win32 program, 17.000 lines of C and assembler code.
    (continuing work from "Poslovni centar Varazdin")

    Vidim - 1998., video-rent database application,
    Clarion for DOS (used in Video-rent "Film,
    Varazdinske Toplice").

    Mod-player4win - 1997., (unfinished) mod player for win95,
    Delphi 2.0 and assembler.

    Optical Player - 1996., SVGA MOD (music - mixer)
    player for DOS, 11.000 lines of x86 assembler.

    Bluppo - 1995., arcade game, DOS, 20,000 lines of
    x86 assembler (published by "Webfoot Inc." USA -

    Assembler & Basic games - 1993-1995., Commodore 64

    For more complete list (that includes some small applications
    I haven't mentioned here) please check

Technical skills:
    Application, Multimedia and System Programming
        Java (Swing, JNI, J/Direct, RMI)
        Visual C++ (Win32 GUI API, OpenGL, Win32 sound and video API,
            Win32 TAPI, DirectDraw, DirectSound, Sockets (Winsock2),
            TWAIN programming, Printer programming,
            SCSI MMC (ASPI) programming (CD, CDR, CDRW),
        Delphi (Win32 sound API, GUI)
    Database Skills
        SQL, PL/SQL (Oracle8), JDBC
    Internet Skills
        Java (Applets, Trusted Applets, Servlets).
        HTML, DHTML, JavaScript,
        XML & XSL.
    RAD/custom Tools
        WebTop, Documentum
        Prolifics, Centura, Clarion for Windows, Clarion for DOS.
    Other Languages
        VBA (macros in MS Word and MS Excel)
        Prolog, Cobol, QBasic, TPascal,
        Assembler (TSR, Interrupts, DMA, ports, sound & graphics).
    Graphical Design
        Paint Shop Pro and Animator, Adobe photoshop, 3DS MAX,
        Corel, Macromedia Flash.
        Programming of sockets, knowledge of HTTP.
        User knowledge of networking hardware.
    Operating Systems (I have used and know to configure):
        Windows 2000, Windows NT Server 4.0, Windows NT WKS, Win98, Win95,
        Windows 3.1, DOS.
        User + light admin knowledge of Unix and Linux on SUN and PC.
        User knowledge of MAC.

Technical skills by interest and years of experience:
    Java - Servlets, RMI, JDBC ......... 8 years   - 1999-current (++)
    Java - Swing, Applets .............. 8 years   - 1999-current (++)
    Java - JNI, J/Direct ............... 7 years   - 1999-current (++)
    XML & XSL .......................... 7 years   - 2000-current (++)
    SQL - MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL .... 8 years   - 1998-current (++)
    HTML, DHTML, JavaScript ............ 10 years  - 1997-current (++)
    Linux/Unix administration .......... 4 years   - 2003-current (++)
    Graphical Design ................... 8 years   - 1998-current (+)
    Networking (HW, SW) ................ 8 years   - 1998-current (+)
    Visual C++ ......................... 10 years  - 1997-current
    PL/SQL - Oracle  ................... 3 years   - 1999-2000, 2002.
    Assembler .......................... 6 years   - 1993-1998.
    Clarion for Windows ................ 2 years   - 1998-2000.
    QBasic, TPascal .................... 2 years   - 1994-1996.
    Prolifics .......................... 1.5 years - 1998-2000.
    VBA ................................ 1 year    - 1999.
    Delphi ............................. 1 year    - 1997-1998.
    Perl, ASP .......................... 0.5 year  - 1999.
    Clarion for DOS .................... 0.5 year  - 1998.

    (+) indicates that I'm currently developing skill.

    Native Croatian,
    fluent English (5+4+2 years of learning)
    German (4+6 years of course).

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