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Coral game

Click to play CORAL!


Have you ever played an old shooting game with cowboys? You know, one with usually three doors on the screen, doors were opening, and you were not allowed to shoot good guys and ladies, but you had to quickly notice bad guys and shoot them before they shoot you. Well, this is fun and nice way I've choosen to make my first Java steps.
This time, there are no serious-looking cowboys behind doors, but funny cartoon-creatures... and that is not all - this one is done in Java, and you can play it on-line right here!


100% Java :-), 6.500 lines of code, 18 classes.
I've needed a week to make first gamma version with 2FPS :-), 5 months to get back and continue the work, three days to finish Painting engine, three days for develop Timing engine, and a week to do all graphics, and finetune the game.

Few screenshots:

Relaxing in intro...

It's getting rocky..

Delicate situation - delicate measures

Want to do this? - here is full java source code available!

Do you want to make a game like this? Don't know how? Well, here is complete coral java source code available for you to download:
Full coral java source code (365k)

Click Here!


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