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Visualize you music!

What is Optical player...

Optical Player is MODule player for IBM PC compatible computers. It was coded in pure assembler (more than 11000 lines of code).
OPlay uses number of visual effect to display music that is currently being played. It also displays full information about MODule and digital samples used. And that's not all... everything is done in 640x480x256 SVGA mode. Well, OPlay is something that cannot be described easyly, you should see it and hear it for yourself!

OPlay requires at least 386 processor and SVGA graphics card. Of course, you should have a soundcard, but if you don't have one, don't worry... OPlay supports internal speaker (I must say that I've never heard anything that sounds that good on PC speaker).


  • IBM compatible PC (atleast 386/40)
  • SVGA card
  • soundcard (optional, but better do have)
  • tastature :-)
  • mouse (optional)
  • MS DOS 3.0 or higher (any windows dos prompt :)

Did you know?

Optical Player is 1st prize winner on FOI Student's Software Show '96.

Few screenshots from player...

Module load screen...
Screenshot from OPlay

Wave output & VU Meters for each voice, and Spectrum Analyzer for each channel...
Screenshot from OPlay

Wave output for each channel, and Keyboards View...
Screenshot from OPlay

Wave output for each channel, and Note Dots effect...
Screenshot from OPlay

About authors...

Optical Player was brought to life by these people:

Matija Tomaskovic & Bruno Babic

Bruno Babic

Optical Player (C) 1996, Matija Tomaskovic & Bruno Babic


If you're tired of listening to music, why don't you try seeing one?

Optical Player (101k)

Optical Player is freeware for non-commercial use. Read OPLAY.DOC for more info.


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