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Here's list of some of my old utilities that I've made before I saw Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Delphi, Visual C.. well, before some of them have even exist :)
Today (Windows Time), it's a bit of funny to see stuff like this, but, if interested in history, take a look :-)

  1. SPRED3 - my little sprite editor, (DOS, assembler)
  2. MatayaDebugger - infact, it is not debugger, more like dissasembler and assembler.. (DOS, Qbasic)
  3. ESC-P2 - my setup for EPSON printers (DOS, Qbasic)
  4. ObjectMaker - my Visual Assembler!!! (DOS, assembler)


SPRED3 is my little Sprite Editor made in assembler. It supports .PCX and .SPR extensions, and allows you to edit sprite and pallete. The biggest advantage is that when working in DRAW mode, your left mouse key writes pixel, while right mouse key reads color from the screen. There are also some other options like: zooming, inserting and deleting rows and columns, changing sprite/picture size, changing palette, working with several sprites, etc...

Spred3 (FREEWARE, 13k)
(In archive, there are also my pcx2spr and spr2pcx utility...)

MDBG - Mataya Debugger

Mataya Debugger is program made in Qbasic that can be used for dissasembling and assembling assembler instructions which are in memory... I made this program to be like Monitor49152 on C64, for then, I didn't know that something like TASM or MASM exists, and I thought that it is the way to write PC asm progs :-)
Program let you work in 80x25, 80x50, 40x25 text modes, also in 320x200x256 and 640x480x16 graphics modes, and you can resize and move your window (just like in windows ;-). There are options like Dump, Assemble, Monitoring (HEX/BIN view), Save, Load, and with great editing flexibility that program gives you much, much more options...

Few screenshoots:

Dissasembling and assembling:
Mataya debugger

F1 brings help (ESC for menu):
Mataya debugger


ESC-P2 - My setup for printers using ESC-P2 languager

My First printer was EPSON STYLUS 800... At first I was using it a lot for printing help-files in DOS, and in manual I read that I can setup it to print smaller fonts... So, I use all that codes, and made ESC-P2 program in Qbasic to setup my printer...
Program is not some cool work (I discovered that printing help from Windows in Courier font size 3,5 was much better ;))), but if you use DOS and some EPSONs printer it might be of some use to you...

Few screenshoots:

Hmm... how to get that printer working... 8-)
ESC-P2 printer setup

ESC-P2 prog. (PUBLIC DOMAIN, 44k)


I guess you all saw Delphi... Well, when I first saw it, I thought that it will be good to have something like this for DOS.. And that's how object maker was done...
How does it work? Well, object maker is just some sort of GUI... It doesn't offer you any functions, or programs ready to use... BUT, with it you can design your programs, get assembler source shell to program and then use my .OBJ which gives you ready-made-for-use object-shell.
Ok, I'll try to resume this: first you go to obmaker and you draw objects on the screen, then you go to export option and you'll get assembler shell in which you have lines like: MyButton1Proc, etc.. and all you have to do now, is to put your asm code in there, and link it with my .OBJ which does all other stuff so that your objects will work...
Well, atleast all this was idea.. I made obmaker, even .OBJ to support it, but it was very buggy and I saw no point to make this, so I gave up...
But, if you'd like to see it, you can download it here:


Few screenshoots:

First, you can open main menu:
Main menu

Then create object:Or better load ready ones:
Creating object Loading objects

Then you can move or resize them:
Moving object

..check and change their properties:..like e.g. choose sprite for sprite-button:
Object properties Sprite (today: bitmap) buttons

Or just change some flags:
Object's flags


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