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TJAD (swing) & TJADConsole

Tool for JDBC (Java) Application Develpers.


Sometimes, if e.g. you are using Oracle - SQL Worksheet or SQL Plus are not enough. Then, you can use this simple JAVA tool to connect to database using your JDBC driver and execute your SQL statements.
This tool works on any java platform - I've tested it on Windows and MAC OS X, but it should also work on SUN!
There are many useful features - download and take a look!


TJAD is GUI version - done in Java, using swing, 4.585 lines of code.
First version was done in summer 2000, in few inspired days.. but it was polished every time I needed some additional feature.

TJADConsoleNEW! is light console version with much less features intented mostly for nice output of SELECT SQLs. You can actually execute any SQL that goes through JDBC. It is intented to be used when you have only UNIX or Linux prompt available on some remote machine that has access to database you want to connect. Done in Feb/2003.

Some screenshots of GUI version (swing)

Connection list you can use.

You can execute statements and get textual results.

Or you can switch to using graphical grid with some more options.

How about insert/update/delete wizard? ;)

TJAD has sample JDBC URLs and JDBC driver class names for Oracle, InterBase and Sybase.

Some screenshots of console version (TJADConsole)NEW!

Here is TJADConsole started on Linux machine and connected to oracle as scott. You can also see help and sample SQL:

Here is configuration:

Here is history feature:

And here is SQL SELECT with navigation help:

The feature that I was missing most in SQL plus from oracle on UNIX prompt was easy formatting of column widths - here you can choose if you want that column width will fit data in rows or column name or both.

I've planned to make this as terminal application with nice character window and scrolling of resultset, but since I run onto some Java "walls" regarding lousy stdin implementation :(, I was not able to do much more... even simple masking of password requires wacky masking thread - if you will have problems with this, then run application, don't connect to database but go to config and turn off the "Mask password" in configuration.


Download TJAD here, regarding version of JDK you are using.
Use it freely, and mail me your comments!

tjad-release-1-36-jdk122.zip (85k)
tjad-release-1-36-jdk13.zip (85k)
TJADConsole-jdk1.3.tar (30k)NEW!
TJADConsole-jdk1.3.zip (17k)NEW!

TJAD works also on MAC OS X!!!NEW!

Few screenshots:

Here is how you can run it from darwin unix prompt:

To connect to database go to menu... (in background of menu you can see table with existing result of query on some current database):

Connection list:

Creating new connection:

Result of your SQL query:

Result of same SQL query but in grid:

Editing single row (insert/update/delete possible):

Here is how you can export table data:


Click Here!


Last update - 12.Feb.2003.