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Alo Halo v1.3

Do you use standard windows phone dialer? You do?

Well, then you probably found that 10 entries for phone numbers are not enough for all people you know :-). If that is your case, you could use this small but nice phone dialer, that looks just like on the picture above...


It took me 20 hours of work to finish first version (most of the time was spend on design :)... Done in cca 1600 lines of C++ code (MFC).. + Photoshop for design...


If you want AloHalo is ready to help you dialing for free!!!

Grab this freeware stuff and enjoy!

AloHalo (117k)

What's NEW! in v1.3?

New features:
  • added filtered number comparison ('123-456' = 123456)
  • after finished call, phone dialer (one that was called to dial number) is closed!
  • "about" menu is removed from system menu (for folks like me who like to close programs in 0.1 seconds by right-clicking them on taskbar moving mouse a bit to right and left-click :)
  • now when user chooses 'new' contact then: (1) if typed number exists, new contact initially has no number, else (2) if typed number doesn't exist then new contact initially has that number
Fixed bugs:
  • fixed bug with dialing non-contact numbers
  • fixed bug: when dialing 'compressed' known number, then no NewContactDlg is shown.. (I didn't add that check before)
  • fixed bug: with loading and saving contacts

What was new in v1.1?

New features:
  • added shortcuts (SHIFT+letter) for first 20 contacts

Click Here!


Last update - 12.Aug.2001. 11:00