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Super Farb-Kopierer

You have a scanner? You have a printer? And you're not interested in reading thousand of pages about professional graphic tools and graphic file formats?
You just want to copy single A4 paper from scanner to printer?
Try Super Farb-Kopierer!


Super Farb-Kopierer is program that makes your computer a copy-machine. You don't need to now anything about image formats, anything about scanners, or printers, resolutions - you need only to press copy button, and it all works!
Do you need to copy 2xA4 to 1xA4,.. A4 to A3? or A3 to A4? No problem - just choose some of many presets, and press copy button - Super Farb-Kopierer automatically does everything for you!
Have you set program options for some your specific operation? No problem - just save options as preset, and use it whenever you want by single mouse-click!


Done in VisualC++, MFC, more than 25.000 lines of code...
Bruno Babic, Karlo Magdic and me needed _a lot_ of time for this one.. I was team leader, and did programming work on scanning, printing, main functionality (automatic copying, auto-sizing), and have constructed main program shell consisting of 43 classes. Bruno did painting job (thing you do on two big papers) and design. Karlo did GUI job (toolbars & panels effects and UI), and achieving job.
What to say - TWAIN is really nice new experience =:), and VC++ absolutely RULES!

Where you can get Super Farb-Kopierer?

Please contact: CDV Software, Germany

Click Here!


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