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(c) by mataya, 1999.

Super Easy Media is a program (engine) for fast developement of multimedia presentations and nice GUI applications.

It works on Windows 95 & Windows NT, and can:

  • show images (lots of effects!)
  • show nice text (it uses bitmap fonts), also - lots of effects!
  • play movies (AVI)
  • play sounds (WAVs and MIDs)
  • do lots of predefined actions on objects events (you don't need to know programming to do presentation with Super Easy Media!)

Current version has no friendly GUI, so you have to type small text-scripts that looks like html:

Program is made for graphic artists and designers who know to do graphics and know what they want to happen on the screen, but don't like or don't know programming (or programmers ;). Unlike html, objects are strictly defined with coordinates (instead of 'random flow' like in html), and can be assigned lots of actions. Currently, there is 20 different actions (from 'go to page', 'do effect', to 'hide object', 'play/stop/pause/ animation/sound' etc..) and objects have many events to which those actions can be assigned (when mouse is over, mouse leaves, mouse left click, right click, click down, click up..).

Database support is almost done, and nice friendly GUI like Powerpoint or Macromedia's Director is in developement...

Originally, program (engine) was made for two multimedia CDs that I'm, hopefully, going to do, and it's structure (for handling pages and its data, on the media and on the screen) is designed for that purpose...

Why this program is good for such stuff? Well, lets just say that images can have RGB masks, so you can do professional screens that looks like done as one piece (masks can be used for defining antialias for images) in some good tool... Also, database support and frame-in-frame structure of windows will give you nice way to predefine screens and show lots of data...

No DEMO is still available :), but check here soon, or mail me to find out where and when...

Did you know?

Super Easy Media (engine+presentation) is 3rd prize winner on FOI Student's Software Show '98.


Done as native win32 program in Visual C++. It took me _a lot_ of time for (currently) cca 17000 lines of code.


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