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(c) by mataya, 1999.

The Underwater Extravaganza

What is bluppo...

Bluppo is a Boulderdash-like game made for IBM PC compatibles. It was coded in pure assembler (more than 20000 lines of code).
Bluppo requires at least 386 processor and VGA card. Optionaly you can have joystick, soundcard and mouse.
Bluppo offers 256-color graphics, with 4-channel digital music or sound effects, 80 levels of fun for one player, and 80 tricky levels for two players simoultaneously.

If you ever played Boulderdash and you liked it, then you'll love Bluppo. It offers a lot more than Boulderdash... new idea, excelent graphics and sounds, 160 large and tricky levels, great number of characters, and much, much more.
The goal of the game is to collect certain number of fish, in order to exit to another level. Some of the levels are easy, some of them requires you to be fast, some of them requires that you use your brains, but all of them are very addictive!


  • IBM compatible PC (works fine even on 386!!)
  • VGA card
  • tastature :-)
  • mouse (optional)
  • soundcard (optional)
  • joystick (optional)
  • MS DOS 3.0 or higher (any windows dos prompt :)

Did you know?

Bluppo is 1st prize winner on FOI Student's Software Show '95.
Bluppo is 2nd prize winner on "World of Multimedia" show, held on "Info '96" fair.

Here are few lines about Bluppo from some Croatian computer magazines:

BUG No.37/95
... and some time pass, and something similiar appeared on PC, and, imagine - directly from croatian programmers! It is fine DOS graphic game BLUPPO from group of authors...

BYTE No.39/96.
Quality graphics and sound blaster music were achieved...

MiPS No.22/96.
Although game is made in low resolution (320x200x256), this game graphicaly looks very fine. Also, there is good music which you can hear on Sound Blaster cards, and there are attractive levels which are not very easy to pass without previous exercise...

WIN.INI No.1./97.
Although this game can remind us on some old games..., Bluppo is much more imaginative, and graphics is more suitable for todays criteria. Good music and funny solutions make this games especially attractive.

Computerworld Hrvatska No.1.
Second prize for non-commercial product has won Bruno Babic, Matija Tomaskovic and Robert Odnikovic for computer game called Bluppo.

PC Chip No.26/27.
... Bluppo is an excellent game for relaxation during long, hot afternoon hours when you just can't do anything else...

Few screenshots...

..from one player game:
Screenshot from one player game Screenshot from one player game

..and from two player game:
Screenshot from two player game Screenshot from two player game

Few words about authors...

Bluppo was brought to life by these people:

Matija Tomaskovic & Bruno Babic

Bruno Babic,
Dana Dominiak,
Robert Dominiak,
Jon Shirring

Robert Odnikovic

Level Designers:
Nikolina Tomaskovic,
Bruno Babic,
Matija Tomaskovic

Bluppo is being distributed all over the world by Webfoot Technologies Inc.


If you like Bluppo and would like to play it, you can easily download demo here.

You can download Bluppo here:

Bluppo (998k)
or directly from Webfoot's site.

Try it, play it, and let me know what you think about this game...


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