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Syndroma - Expert system for diagnosing hendicep syndroms on the base of simptoms

This is my small expert system that I've made with my sister Jelena Tomašković as part of my project for "Expert systems" exam on university.

In short - proggy consist of (small) syndrom & simptom database (48 syndroms and 559 simptoms), and besides browsing syndroms, and small dictionary (my sister that studies defectology, more precisely - logopedy (yes, she will also use this program in her project :), insisted on that dictionary :), proggy has small, simple but effective engine that can help some virtual doctor to diagnose syndrom of some virtual patient.

There is lots of simptoms, and certain groups made syndroms. So, the program works in the way that on the base of few answers (checking yes/no/unknown on simptoms) calculates probabilities of other simptoms and syndroms (try 'Rangiraj' button).
On that way, after few quick answers, it soon becames evident what syndroms and simptoms 'are in game' and diagnosing becames quick!

If you have more questions about any part of Syndroma, mail me!


Done in Visual C++, cca 2000 lines of code. It took me a day for code and a day for design (sister typed data in Word before).


If you want, you can take a look at (freeware) Syndroma!

Syndroma (209k)

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