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Mataya Homepage history

Long long time ago.. back to 1997. I've decided to build my homepage.
I've heard from 'guru guys' that this is something I can do on my unix account that I got back in 1995 on my university - so, there was no sense to waste this opportunity. HTML tutorials and fine text-editor were enough.
Ok.. well, part of a reason was that I've heard from my friends that placing a Netaddress logo on your web-site was a way to receive Usa.net T-shirt right from USA (and I still do have one of these - one of my favorite T-shirts!).. but I claim that a reason to have my OWN home-page (and not t-shirt) was more important :o)

First version of my homepage

A year later - 1998, I've tried to redesign it a bit removing frames.

Second version - just an idea

But, much better final idea was here few days later:

Third version - starts to look like current one

Last version


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