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MIC Basketball

What you see up there, is international project! :)

Ok, what that is (well, was :) - It is my first DirectX shot, in collaboration with: CoMa (check his pages!!) & Issie.

This was intended to be a cyber copy of world-wide spread game that people usually play one-on-one (or more) with basketball ball, on basketball playground (not basketball :), you'll see what that is, when you download MIC basketball).
Anyway, we didn't finish the stuff (we stopped at graphics part, ask Issie ;), but it is playable enough so you can beat your friend :-)

Since there is no help in game, here is some: use space, arrow and enter keys.


It took us about two-three weeks of e-mailing and writing cca 3600 lines of C code. Visual C & DirectX 3.0...


If you want to try it, freeware MIC Basketball is waiting for you!

MIC Basketball (239k)

Click Here!


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